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agricultural drone with propeller / hexarotor / mapping / surveillance
agri-copter c/o DIALOGIS UG



  • Number of rotors:

    with propeller, hexarotor

  • Applications:

    mapping, surveillance, measurement, aerial photography, reconnaissance


We are using hightech multi copters in different sizes tailored to the needs of the application for our service portfolio. In most cases, a six engine copter with a take-off weight of less than 5kg is used.
The payload can be switched fast and efficiently with an easy to use bayonet fitting. Currently we can lift cameras with visible light and near infrared capabilities and the airdrop pod for seeds and Trichogramma eggs.
The agri-copters are equipped with an autopilot for autonomous flight control. One of our skilled and well trained pilots will supervise the mission and can intervene immediately. Of course we own a take-of licences and ensurances for the material and personnel. This concludes to a carefree business for you because you only have to set the date and we will do anything else.

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