slurry protective cover / EPDM / biogas / double membrane
Biolene® agriKomp GmbH



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    biogas, double membrane


– flexible gas storage!

Flexible and efficient biogas plant operation is closely connected with the storage of the biogas. Our Biolene® biogas storage membrane is an economical solution for your biogas plant. It is a gas storage and vessel cover in one unit and thus it offers a highly efficient solution for small agricultural and industrial biogas plants.

If the gas storage is not only the storage but also the exterior of the digester roof it must meet high demands for resistance to weather. Our Biolene® meets these high demands. It is made of high-quality EPDM rubber. The material impresses with its UV and ozone resistance, offers high elasticity and long life.

The stored gas volume during operation changes permanently depending on the biogas production, output of the CHPS or due to maintenance and varying gas production. The flexible exterior must adapt and it is lifted or lowered depending on the filling quantity. The consequence with small and flexible gas storages is not only that the CHPS is poorly utilised but biogas must be burnt unused. In view of this, continuous measurement of the filling level is essential. No problem with Biolene®, the filling level is always seen immediately.

The wooden beam ceiling and the planks provide a very big surface for populating with the sulphur bacteria. The gas can be treated cost-efficiently and reliably in this way.