hopper seed drill / trailed / with fertilizer applicator / folding
4010,5015,6015 Amity Technology LLC



  • Seed distribution:


  • Other characteristics:

    trailed, with fertilizer applicator, folding

  • Working width:

    6.4 m, 15.2 m, 18.3 m (20'11")


Ribbon-seeded bands and multiple fertilizer placement options offer small grain yields that other seeding systems just can’t match.

With a 5.5 inch wide ribbon of seed and only 4.5 inches between rows, seed bed utilization is the highest available with a packed row. Plant response is a much stronger stem, superior roots and maximum yields. Through years of seeding trials, the Concord (predecessor to the Amity Air Till Drill) proved over and over again this key to maximum production.

Depending on your choice of seed openers, fertilizer can be placed with the seed in a 5.5-inch seed and fertilizer ribbon, or you can place a portion of the fertilizer in the seed ribbon and place the remaining fertilizer safely below the seed or off to the side. This seeding system offers the most flexibility in fertilizer placement. The system best for your farm can be tailored to match your tillage practices, soil, rainfall, and tractor capacity.

The key to uniform emergence in cereal grains is proper packing. The Amity Air Till Drill weighs thousands of pounds more than most competitive drills. Combined with its wide packing wheels, this gives the Amity Air Till Drill the best chance of superior seed-to-soil contact. Packing wheels are mounted on the walk beams with every walk beam separately spring mounted to the drill frame. Running over stones or on ridges will not hinder uniform, even packing.