milk pump / vacuum / electric / vane
VVP Series ATL - Agricultural Technology Ltd.



  • Application:

    for milk

  • Other characteristics:

    vacuum, electric, vane

  • Flow:

    1,000 l/min, 1,500 l/min, 1,600 l/min, 2,200 l/min, 3,300 l/min (264.1721 us gal/min)

  • Pressure:

    50,000 Pa (7.25 psi)


About the ATL Vane Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is one of the most important parts in a milking system. ATL supplies several sizes of vane pumps to suit different milking parlours.

Vane pumps are oil-lubricated and are V-belt driven by electric motor. They come complete with base plate, belt guard, oil separator, silencer and non-return valve.