milk test kit / amyloid-A / for veterninary clinics
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    for milk

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    for veterninary clinics


MAA has been demonstrated to be an effective marker of clinical and subclinical mastitis in the dairy cow and sheep and is an effective and reliable measurement in individual animals, quarters or in the bulk tank. MAA is a rapidly rising Acute Phase Protein which is produced locally in the epithelium of the mammary gland in response to inflammation or infection and is a direct physiological response to local challenge in the mammary gland.

MAA has been demonstrated to be of particular value in gaining an accurate picture of udder health at the Drying Off period.

Tridelta’s MAA ELISA assay uniquely offers farmers and veterinarians the ability to make therapy and management decisions at the crucial Drying Off Period based on the accurate, reliable and quantifiable measure of inflammation and infection offered by the MAA assay.

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