layer rearing cage / stainless steel frame / with egg belts / with ventilation system
EV 2240-EU Big Dutchman



  • Animal type:


  • Material:

    stainless steel frame

  • Other characteristic:

    with egg belts, with ventilation system

  • Number of tiers:

    Max.: 9 unit

    Min.: 3 unit


Improvement of a Bestseller: The next generation system for maximum profitabiliy
With the EV 2240-EU, Big Dutchman offers you a new system for efficient, animal friendly and safe egg production. Its main advantages are the high functionality and profitability, excellent hygienic conditions and comfort of use. The system depth of 2.24 m in the animal area including centre partition allows for a group size of 54 hens.

The concise structural system layout (nest, litter area, perches, feed and water supply) provides ample freedom of movement and thus permits the hens to act out their natural behaviour.

Main advantages
Egg belt width of 150 mm and EggSaver for optimum egg quality
Flexible nest curtain for undisturbed egg laying
Reliable feed supply by means of the CHAMPION feed chain → trough is used from both sides
No additional technological require-ments for litter supply → delivery by means of the feed chain
Litter mat Wellix with integrated claw shortener, long service life
Comfortable folding grilles for easy access to the installation → one-hand operation
LED tube lamps inside the installation ensure an optimal illumination of the activity area
Rugged design
Trouble-free erection of 3 to 9 tiers with intermediate ceilings
Zinc-aluminium coated grilles for very good corrosion-protection

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