layer rearing cage / stainless steel frame / with manure removal system / with egg belts
Eurovent EU Big Dutchman



  • Animal type:


  • Material:

    stainless steel frame

  • Other characteristic:

    with manure removal system, with egg belts, with ventilation system

  • Number of tiers:

    Max.: 12 unit

    Min.: 3 unit


The enriched colony system for layers
With the EUROVENT EU colony system, Big Dutchman provides you with everything you need for animal-friendly and efficient egg production. Two of the most important advantages are maximum hygiene and the best possible product safety. The enriched colony system fully complies with the EU Directive 1999/74/EC of 19 July 1999*. This means the system meets the following requirements:

at least 750 cm2 colony surface area per hen with 600 cm2 usable area;
the total colony surface area must be no less than 2000 cm2;
colony height no less than 45 cm;
no less than 12 cm trough length per hen;
every hen must have access to at least two nipple drinkers;
nest and litter bath must be available;
15 cm perch per hen;
every compartment must be equipped with a claw-shortening device;
the floor slope must not exceed 14 % or 8°;
aisle width of no less than 90 cm;
minimum distance of 35 cm between barn floor and bottom tier.
* Different regulations based on other country-specific directives for laying hen management may apply.

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