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NATURA 60 and NATURA 70 are two aviaries for egg production developed by Big Dutchman. The design concept is based on the idea of reducing the management effort while reliably increasing efficient production at the same time. The two aviary systems provide the following advantages:

the aviary remains locked during the phase of familiarisation → the pullets can easily find feed and water;
manageable group sizes thanks to fixed partitions that are installed every 2.41 m
→ good start into the laying phase;
→ minimised number of mislaid eggs later on;
the hens can move between the different levels without any difficulties by using the system‘s “stairways”;
the hens can easily reach the scratching area through large openings along the entire length of the system;
gentle transport of the eggs as the longitudinal egg belts are located on one level only;
mislaid “system eggs” can be collected easily, either manually or automatically;
perfect access to the entire system due to easily operated folding grilles;
each row is completely functional on its own: systems of only one row in the barn are possible.

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