chicken rearing cage / with manure removal system / A-frame
SuperDoubleDeck, SuperTripleDeck Big Dutchman



  • Animal type:


  • Other characteristic:

    with manure removal system, A-frame

  • Number of tiers:

    3 unit, 2 unit


SuperDoubleDeck & SuperTripleDeck
The expandable management systems for laying hens – ideally suited for tropical climates
SuperDoubleDeck and SuperTripleDeck are laying batteries with two / three tiers, developed by Big Dutchman and characterised by a long service life, high functionality and perfect conditions for humans and birds. During their development, we focused on the systems’ suitability for tropical climates and optimum use of natural ventilation.

Depending on the customer’s requests and to allow for an easy start-up of modern egg production, Big Dutchman offers these systems in different versions and expansion stages:

Furthermore, it is easily possible to upgrade or expand the system at a later point.

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