calf hopper feeder / stainless steel / automatic / programmable
HL100 Calf Star



  • Animal type:

    for calves

  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristic:

    automatic, programmable


Programmable Calf Feeder


Stainless Steel Construction
Can feed 100-120 calves with just one unit
Optional second mixer bowl allowing two calves to drink at once
All programmable
Liquid and Powder dosing options
Whole milk delivery option
Automatic CIP system
Rinses feeding tube between each calf
Rugged feeding stall design
RFID TAG or collar tag option

New HygieneStation Available January 2016!

Tube cleaning including the teat
For the first time the new HygieneStation can automatically flush out and clean the whole milk pipeline right to the teat after each feeding
Reduces the calf's exposure to bacteria
Improves the health of the calf
The outside of the teat is cleaned after every visit as well
Germ contamination on the teat drops by an average of 80%

Cleaned Mucus Bowl
Mucus is collected together in the bowl and is flushed after each feeding

Natural Drinking Approach
The teat at the feeding station is positioned so that it slants downwards. This encourages the natural drinking position of the calf
When the head is stretched this encourages the natural reflex of the esophageal groove and reduces the risk of milk passing into the rumen.

LED lit teat
Practice has shown that the calves can orientate better when the teat is illuminated. This increases the intake of milk during the night. During the day it is more calm because the feeding process is evenly distributed over 24 hours.

Calves Teach Themselves
As soon as a calf lifts the teat, a small amount of milk flows into it's mouth. This stimulates the calf's initial drinking impulse; manual learning is only necessary in exceptional cases.