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gasoline rototiller
PONY 15-R Super Casorzo Macchine Agricole srl



  • Motor type:


  • Engine size:

    265 cm³, 441 cm³ (9 US fl oz)


Walking Tractor Pony 15-R
The walking tractor Pony 15-R is a light handy professional machine that can be used for various aims.
It is a caster action machine and it has a wide range of tools to meet the different requirements of the farmer anytime.
This device is the perfect machine for farmers who need to work medium and large fields since the safety and reliability of this 100% Italian product are guaranteed.

The walking tractor Pony 15-R is available with the following motorizations:

Kohler CH 395 kw7 HP9,5
Honda GX270 kw6,6 HP9

Lombardini 15LD 225 kw3,7 HP5 – diesel
Lombardini 15LD 350 kw6 HP8 – diesel
Lombardini 15LD 440 kw7,5 HP10 – diesel

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