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self-propelled sprayer / extra-wide / adjustable ground clearance
RoGator 600D Challenger



  • Mobility:


  • Other characteristics:

    extra-wide, adjustable ground clearance

  • Capacity:

    4000, 6000, 5000



Challenger RoGator 600 sprayers have earned a hardwon reputation for covering ground quickly, accurately, safely and reliably, becoming the default choice of large farms and contractors across Europe.

Single Beam Chassis

In the field, with the booms unfolded, the RoGator has an optimum weight distribution of 50% front/50% rear, while the low centre of gravity provides for increased boom stability, and faster working speeds, even on slopes.

The new frame design provides for a steering angle of 35 degrees on all four wheels, allowing the machine to turn in incredibly tight corners and headlands.

With four-wheel steer engaged, the outer turning radius is just 4.73m, while the inner wheel turning radius measures a mere 3.14m. Even on the tightest turns, the rear wheels exactly follow the front for less crop damage.

The machine can be steered in four-wheel or two-wheel modes, both are selected using conveniently–located buttons in the armrest.