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cattle trough / multi-access / wall-mounted
Feedwall Cowhouse International bv



  • Animal type:

    for cattle

  • Other characteristic:

    multi-access, wall-mounted


Feeding from outside the barn
A turning wall compartment makes is possible to put the silage in a feeding trough. After feeding, the compartment can be opened to the outside to increase ventilation through the sidewall. A big advantage of the system is the fact that the barn does not need to be very wide due to the elimination of one or more feeding alleys. Consequently barn construction costs will be lower.
You do not need to push the feed to the fence anymore and the food stays fresh much longer. The cows perform natural behavior when they are eating. By installing the Feedwall the barn construction is more compact and the layout of the barn equipment inside the barn can be installed in a more efficient way. This means that walking distances can be reduced, cow routing improves and the possibility to renovate an existing barn to the new standards is easier.