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vineyard software / management / for pest control
6571 Davis Instruments



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    for pest control


The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Module for Grapes provides the final step in linking weather data to actual pest risk, making it a powerful new tool in the battle against crop pest damage.
Know What Pests Threaten Your Vines
If there is anything an experienced grower understands, it’s this: the smallest enemy may be the most formidable. It’s not enough to know what’s happening right now in your vineyard. Growers must know what COULD happen in the next hours, days or weeks. An experienced grower is always aware of what pests and diseases threaten his crop; but no amount of experience can tell him exactly when conditions are favorable for that pest or disease to unleash devastation.
Integrated Pest Management uses the current weather conditions reported by your weather station, in your crop’s micro-climate, and correlates that data with pest models for all known grape pests, including diseases, insects and mites to calculate the pest risk levels. The pest list is customizable to your vineyard: if a pest is not present in your area, you can delete it from your pest list.
Clear Visuals Help Pest Control Decision-Making
See at glance when conditions are at high risk for specific pests. The color-coded table shows high risk pests in red, medium risk pests in orange, and low risk in green. You’ll see photographs of the pest or the disease damage, along with information about the pest. You’ll also be able to view graphs of data and tables compiled from local weather data.
This add-on module works with WeatherLink for Windows and Vantage Pro2 to gather real-time temperature, humidity, rain and leaf wetness data.