mounted mulcher / hammer / PTO-driven / forestry



  • Mounting:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristic:

    PTO-driven, forestry

  • Cutting width:

    1480, 1240

  • Tractor power:

    Min.: 50 ch (50 hp)

    Max.: 80 ch (80 hp)


Forestry mulcher with fixed blade rotor for tractors between 50 and 80 HP.
Innovative shredder with a new concept fixed blade rotor, designed and built to be attached with low power tractors, suitable for shredding bushes and weeds as well as prunings of fruit trees or vineyards.
The reversible attachment, aggressive and compact rotor are the main features of this machine that can be used in two different modes.
In standard version as forestry mulcher for mulching and subsequent cleaning of bushes and small trees up to a maximum diameter of 12 cm/5''.
In inverted version, therefore turning the reversible attachment for prunings and mulching, all in just ONE step.
The standard equipment includes:
• PTO shaft with cam clutch,
• reversible attachment,
• front and rear hydraulic hoods,
• forged steel counter blade,adjustable skids,
• rotor with fixed teeth type E.
Available on demand: hydraulic top link, mechanical push frame and blade type E/HD.