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Maximise Your Sugar Beet Yield!
For over 50 years, Germains have been delivering innovative new seed technologies to UK Sugar Beet growers. We are continuing to support the industry with the launch of a new product: Xbeet® enrich100.

What is Xbeet® enrich100?
Xbeet® enrich100 is a combination of a new pellet and elicitor treatment that promotes stronger plants, leading to greater yield potential.

What is an elicitor?
Naturally derived elicitors set off chain reactions that trigger different responses to not only pathogenic fungi and bacteria but also abiotic stresses such as drought, heat and cold. These reactions improve stress tolerance, crop establishment, growth and ultimately the yield of the Sugar Beet.

Key Benefits
Faster emergence in UK field conditions
Greater leaf coverage
Improved uniformity
Stronger plants leading to increased yield potential