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in-line grain sampler
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in-line grain sampler in-line grain sampler


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Accurate, representative samples begin with the right equipment. With individual design and component construction, InterSystems’ Automatic Samplers adapt readily to your particular application, regardless of capacity, layout or material - all backed by decades of industry success. An in-line automatic sampler - or primary cross-cut sampler - is frequently installed in place of a section of spouting as a 45° or 90° model. As material flows through the sampler, a pelican diverter with a leading-edge opening traverses the stream and extracts a representative sample. A mechanical divider receives the sample by gravity and then passes through a continuously oscillating swing valve that reduces the sample and distributes it into a one, two or three sample adapter determined by the flow rate, installation, and frequency of the samples. Sample delivery units are used to transport bulk samples from one point to another, reducing labor costs with efficient motor operation of blower and air lock. A variety of automatic controls and collection systems options offers more opportunities to create the sampling system that best fits your needs.