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soilless system
Haygrove Tunnels

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soilless system soilless system


The Haygrove Ground Level Substrate System is designed to provide mechanisation with low labour costs and enable growers to pursue early and late season fruit.
This system is set up at ground level and designed to hold channels of bulk substrate media without the costs of handling trays or bags.
Key Features
- 4m (13.12 feet) leg spacing
- Picking height of 0.3m (0.98 feet) to 0.5m (1.64 feet)
- Fixed system
- Typically, 8 rows in a 8m (26.25 feet) tunnel
- Approximately 10,200 running metres per hectare
- Can accommodate bulk coir
- Gutter has holes for drainage
Product Benefits
- Soil borne disease risk avoided
- Nutrition management for increased yield
- Low labour costs – no need for costly trays or bag handling
- Good presentation of fruit
- Early and late crop