irrigation pump / submersible / solar-powered / turbine
horizont group gmbh - Division agrartechnik



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    solar-powered, turbine


-Easy, reliable and self-sufficient way of providing water to livestock when watercourses are fenced of
-The solar kit can be used easily with all standard water troughs (e.g. 54008-1)
-Battery compartment out of weather proof polypropylene which holds up to 110amp hour 12V batteries (battery not included). We recommend a minimum of 75AH (e.g. 14479)
-Control box with battery life monitor
-Mono-crystalline 30w solar panel with 5m lead
-Powder coated, heavy duty stand (1.65m high)
-30m, 3/4" dia. hose with submersible pump
-Float switch with 5m lead

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