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4-row precision seed drill / tractor-mounted / with fertilizer applicator / no-till
Irtem Agrimachines



  • Number of rows:


  • Other characteristic:

    tractor-mounted, with fertilizer applicator, no-till

  • Working width:

    3,600 mm


No-Till Pneumatic Precison Planters is a modern planting machine that is useful for precise planting to an unprocessed land.
Stubble planter is a modern planting machine that can plant seeds precisely and individually to an unprocessed soil.
Main advantages of the zero tillage, direct planting method, usage of which gradually increased all over the world, are as follows:
- Decreases the risk of erosion,
- Increases the infiltration of rain into the soil and by decreasing the evaporation, it helps retain moisture within the soil,
- Improves the soil structure by increasing the amount of organic matter in the topsoil,
- Encourages biological life and activity within the soil,
- Decreases the number of required machinesi power requirement of the tractor (its size), fuel consumption, repair and maintenance costs for mechanization,
- Prevent high temperatures and temperature changes around the seed,
- Decreases the fuel consumption by 50-60 % as it limits the mechanization operations to planting with only one passage,
- Decreases the time and labor requirements by 50-60&,
- Under critical conditions such as when a few days are appropriate for planting, it provides a great advantage.

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