poultry feeding system / stationary / dry feed
Sistema de comedero manual IVEGA IVEGA-DOTEX S.A.



  • Animal type:

    for poultry

  • Distribution:


  • Other characteristic:

    dry feed



IVEGA manufactures the Plastic Conic Feeder (18 kg capacity) with double non-wasting system available for 50 broilers or 35 floor hens, for automatic or manual filling.

It is manufactured in high strength plastic with UV protection incorporating the latest manufacturing techniques.

IVEGA also manufactures an economical automatic system for fill the conic feeders. This is a lineal adaptive filling system that works with auger and can be installed in all conic feeders, both used and new.

For day-old chicks IVEGA offers you the Round Pan Feeder, available for 100 chicks that can be used to deliver feed during the first week of life easing the access to feed as there are more feeding points in the house