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dump trailer / single-axle / grain
J5 Junkkari OY



  • Construction:


  • Number of axles:


  • Application:


  • Payload:

    5,500 kg (12,125.42 lb)


Junkkari's agile J5 trailer is suitable for agricultural use as well as for different transport needs of communities. Several municipalities, parishes and organizations have found the J5 trailer to be a big help because of its handy size.

carrying capacity 5.5 t
single piece basic and grain side plates
basic side plate height 41 cm
grain side plate height 59 cm
side plates inter-supported with a chain
standard tyres 400x15.5/14
V-shaped body made from a sturdy C beam
single axel
Standard equipment

light and reflector supplies
slow vehicle triangle
drawbar includes a carrier for the hydraulics hose and light cord
platform maintenance support
grain hatch
vertical poles for basic side plates
steps on the outside and inside at the front