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dump trailer / 2-axle / forage / tipping
J10 Series Junkkari OY



  • Construction:


  • Number of axles:


  • Application:


  • Other characteristic:


  • Payload:

    10,000 kg (22,046.23 lb)


Junkkari J10 is one of the roomiest trailers in its size category. The middle axle of the swing bogie is lower than the wheel axles, which makes crossing obstacles easy.

For the volume of the trailer, it has a very powerful tipping cylinder. There is a large selection of side plates: a basic sides, grain sides, additional sides and a bale and forage accessory.

J10 trailer is now available also as a dumper version. Familiar V-shape frame carries now a very strong dumper platform. The bottom plate is made of 6 mm wear plate and sides 5 mm high strength steel. Volume of the platform is 6 m3 and it is equipped with downwards opening hydraulic tailgate.

carrying capacity 10 t
two-part basic and grain side plates
side plates inter-supported with a steel bar
tyre options
400/60-15.5 (40 km/h)
500/50-17/14 (40 km/h)
V-shaped body made from a sturdy C beam
strong, braced bogie axles
supplied with or without brakes