anti-crush protection gestation stall / adjustable
GESTAL QUATTRO Jyga Technologies



  • Other characteristic:

    anti-crush protection, adjustable


The next evolution of the Gestal lactation system:

Just as you’ve come to expect from previous Gestal products, the Gestal QUATTRO stimulates sow feed intake, reduces feed waste and makes sow management easier.

Generate electricity savings (new feature):

No need to add additional electric – the Gestal QUATTRO shares the same outlet as the heat lamp/mat.

Using customizable heat curves and a temperature probe, the Gestal QUATTRO will reduce electricity demands while improving litter performance.

Make sow data management easier (new feature):

Each feeder is WiFi compatible for rapid data transfer to handheld tablets and to help workers quickly transfer farrowing information and improve in-barn sow monitoring during farrowing.

Individualize each sow’s diet (new feature):

Using two feed lines, the Gestal QUATTRO will individualize nutrient delivery by custom blending multiple diets according to each sow’s prescribed needs.