trailed precision seed drill / rigid / strip-till / with fertilizer applicator
3000 Kinze Manufacturing, Inc.


  • Other characteristic:

    trailed, rigid, strip-till, with fertilizer applicator

  • Working width:

    3.9, 5.4, 6.7


This versatile and customizable planter does it all. The 3000 boasts lower inputs and equipment costs up front, with an optional double-frame. Choose standard or split rows and apply liquid or dry fertilizer all at the same time. Enjoy the ability to convert your row spacing from 30” to 15” in minutes, not hours. The split row option allows for better residue flow and simple maintenance. Notice how the hydraulic lift system keeps the frame level, even in rolling terrain. The throw out clutches extend all split rows with a quarter turn and the self-leveling hitch provides superior transport clearance. With so many features the 3000 model Kinze planter is worth every penny!