mounted mower / disc / PTO-driven / folding



  • Mounting:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristic:

    PTO-driven, folding

  • Working width:

    3.51 m, 4.35 m, 3.95 m, 3.1 m, 2.67 m (11'06")


New generation disc mower for producing high quality forage and optimising the machine’s cost/efficiency ratio.
The machine’s mechanical components are well protected to keep repair costs down. LIFT-CONTROL combines suspension and safety with:
- a progressive lift system to adapt to stress and ground pressure,
- easier passage past obstacles thanks to increased lift with rear pivot,
- pivot point distanced from closest discs for better shock damping and reduced repair costs.
The PROTECTADRIVE safety system also protects the cutter bar’s internal components should it impact an obstacle.
Good ground contour following is essential to produce high quality forage and this mower is equipped with the necessary technologies such as LIFT-CONTROL suspension and pendulum joint with 31° travel range able to maintain mowing height, even at high forward speeds.
Operating costs are optimised owing to reduced fuel consumption and wear. The secret to these savings is the LIFT-CONTROL system, well-balanced ground-weight distribution, low pull-power requirement and high quality steel disc skids.

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