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cattle feed distributor / robotic / self-loading / with feed pusher
Vector Lely



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    self-loading, with feed pusher, mobile


Fresh and flexible feeding

Flexibility while saving labour
Feeding your cows yourself is a thing of the past with the Lely Vector. This saves you an average of eight hours a week. The feed kitchen concept also allows feed to be stored for several days. The Vector takes work out of your hands, which allows you more flexibility when planning your day.

More frequent feeding at a lower cost
The best feed strategy for optimal milk and meat production is to provide a fresh, measured and properly mixed ration eight times a day. With the Vector, each group of animals receives the appropriate ration several times a day. This means that you save time as well as feed costs and fuel.

Automatic feeding when strictly necessary
The automatic feeding system ensures that there is always enough fresh feed at the feed fence. No input is needed from you. When the feed is being pushed, the feed-height sensor detects whether more feed needs to be added. This reduces the amount of feed waste and increases the quantity of fresh feed.

Insight into return
Feeding with the Vector means more insight into the return on your feed strategy. By linking the Lely Vector to the Lely Astronaut you can measure the effects of changes to rations. This allows you to gain an insight into whether the cost of a change produces not only a higher yield but also a higher return.