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soilless system
Logiqs BV

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soilless system soilless system


Multi-level growing is one of the most important advances made in greenhouse automation during the last decades.
Not only does a multi-level rolling container system offer the best possible space usage, but it also contributes to the overall sustainability of a production greenhouse.
Efficient space usage also in turn leads to a smaller carbon footprint for the crop because of the inherent energy savings related to the heating and cooling of the greenhouse.
Logiqs has made huge strides in improving multi-level systems by constantly adapting and developing its transport systems between layers.
Our main focus points when developing new multi-level growing systems have been:
- Achieving an industry leading reliability rate for all automation elements such as lifts, transport vehicles, automatic transport lines, cranes;
- Higher transport capacities without increasing automation costs;
- Anticipating possible logistical bottlenecks and then intelligently designing multi-level growing systems for the specific needs of the crop;
- Efficient integration of irrigation and drainage systems;
Some of the most used transport equipment for multi-level systems are:
Automatic transport lines – a high capacity solution for transporting rolling containers in the greenhouse, between different departments;
Container Lifts – single or double platform, our industrial grade container lifts make transport between multiple layers fast and dependable;
Automatic transport vehicles – with two or three transport platforms have proven themselves time and again a dependable and cost efficient solution for multi-layer systems