12-row precision seed drill / 6-row / 4-row / rigid
MS 4200 MaterMacc S.p.A.



  • Number of rows:

    12-row, 6-row, 4-row

  • Other characteristics:

    rigid, trailed, with disc harrow

  • Working width:

    410 cm, 560 cm, 254 cm, 530 cm, 350 cm (161.42 in)


Vacuum precision planters - Rigid Easy-Set tool bar
This planter is made to change the row distance quickly and easily.
The Easy-Set System (patented by MaterMacc), directly assembled on the main tool bar, allows to move the planting units simply by sliding them on the guide to the needed row distance (minimum 27 cm), without using tools.
Easy-Set system
This tool bar allows to change the row distance quickly, 2 minutes per unit, and the Easy-Set tool bar can be used either with the 4000 or 8000 planting units.

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