pneumatic seed drill / tractor-mounted / double-disc / tine
MSD 2.0 COMBI MaterMacc S.p.A.



  • Seed distribution:


  • Other characteristics:

    tractor-mounted, double-disc, tine

  • Working width:

    3 m, 3.5 m (9'10")


Pneumatic seed drill for sowing in rows in prepared or semi-prepared soil. The working width ranges from 3,0 m to 3,5 m with a standard row distance of 12,5 cm (other row distances available if requested). The 2 dispensers are powered by an electric motor and controlled by the MaterMacc X4 sowing monitor.
This monitor allows the seed density to be changed quickly, by setting the desired value. It also controls the sowing flow for each section. The tramline and seed exclusion functions are optional and can be integrated with the X4 monitor.

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