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The Oz weeding robot helps you during weeding and hoeing chores in order to increase your profitability while respecting the environment. It is designed to improve working conditions and reduce your daily workload. Oz is entirely autonomous but you can also guide it to go wherever you need. Learn everything you need to know about Oz by scrolling down this page or click on the video to see Oz in action.
Oz reduces your workload, protects your back, saves you from the drudgery of weeding and limits your exposure to herbicides.
Oz limits the drudgery of farming chores. The weeding robot takes charge : it weeds, hoes and helps you during harvesting. Oz protects your back and avoids exposure to toxic weed killers.
The Oz automated weeding robot weeds and hoes your crop all by itself. It frees your hands and liberates your mind so that you can concentrate on more important tasks for your business.
Oz is an environmentally friendly robot with an agricultural vocation. It weighs very little and consequently avoids compacting you soil. Thanks to its superficial hoeing technique, Oz protects soil structure.
Autonomous Oz gives you more time to focus on the profitability of your business. It uses up very little energy and its mechanical weeding technique allows you to save on other supplies.


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