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multipurpose farm robot / weeding / straddle
DINO Naïo-Technologies



  • Function:

    multipurpose, weeding

  • Other characteristics:



A robotic weeder for large-scale vegetable farms
- Naïo Technologies is currently working on a weeding robot that straddles vegetable beds to mechanically weed large-scale vegetable farms.
- This new robot is particularly useful to weed and hoesalad crops. it is designed to weed industrial crops autonomously and without human supervision thanks to its guiding mechanism and its weeding and hoeing tools.
A multifunctional straddling robot
- Naïo Technologies large-scale vegetable weeding robot will be flexible and scalable. As is the case with tractors, it will be possible to change tools and adapt them to your soil and crops. This robot can also be used for other chores, such as sowing.
- Our large-scale vegetable weeding robot is currently at the prototype stage. We consistently work together with our customers to improve the robot’s guidance software. The software is destined to allow the robot to weed and hoe a wide range of vegetable crops, to set it up for other tasks and to optimize precision.
- Part of our research consists of data collection and the automatic mapping of crops. Naïo technologies industrial weeding robot will also send you real-time detailed and localized information with regard to your crop.

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