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educational farm robot
LITTLE OZ Naïo-Technologies

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educational farm robot educational farm robot - LITTLE OZ


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Little Oz helps students explore artificial intelligence
- This research version of our Oz weeding robot aims to promote robotics and artificial intelligence to students.
- Little Oz is a mobile, simple, robust and risk-free research robot. It has been designed for schools and research labs to allow students to learn how to program without losing time on other aspects and without taking risks on the robot’s mechanics.
- Little Oz is a reliable tool for research and teaching. The robot is modular and adaptable to allow students to demonstrate their skills on an autonomous robot.
Educational projects with the autonomous Little Oz robot
- Lectures, practical exercises, school projects around mobile robotics.
- The robot will be accessible to individual students or groups during school hours accès for personal or guided projects.
- Naïo Technologies also participates by suggesting and supervising specific tasks for the students (cartography, navigation, data collection, multi-robot collaborations,…).
- The robot can be used to attend robotics competitions outside of the school

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