continuously variable tractor / front PTO / compact / with front-loader



  • Transmission:

    continuously variable

  • Other characteristic:

    front PTO, compact, with front-loader, with cab

  • Engine power:

    199 ch, 221 ch, 271 ch, 300 ch (199 hp)



To get ahead in modern agriculture you need to be strong. Your farm needs to be strong, and most of all you tractor needs to be strong. That is why the T7 Heavy Duty range has been engineered by design with multiple built in strengths.

Two models right for your farm

Sometimes there is strength in depth, but with the T7 Heavy Duty range New Holland has distilled the essence of high horsepower tractors in a standard frame into just two models: the T7.290 and the T7.315. These models offer 6% higher lift capacity than the standard T7 range, up to 11058kg, to enable you to work with the largest ploughs and seed hoppers. The 11cm longer wheelbase delivers even greater high speed stability and draft performance. When coupled to the wider tyre offering, including the ultra-low compaction 900 tyres, the T7 Heavy Duty really has been taken to the next level.

T7 Heavy Duty. Strong agricultural design

The T7 Heavy Duty is a true farmers’ tractor. What do we mean by that? Quite simply, this range exists because you, the modern farmer asked for it. Every feature on this range is the fruit of extensive global customer consultation. You asked for more power. It’s here. You asked for the ability work with larger loads. It’s here. You wanted business class comfort. Step up and take a look. You need a tractor with compact dimensions suitable for narrow roads and tight in-field turns? Job done. You demanded multitasking flexibility. The T7 delivers. Plus you wanted a good looking tractor with head turning styling. Just take a look. T7 Heavy Duty. You asked. We delivered.