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against caterpillar insecticide / against aphids / against thrips / against flies
Azatin®O OHP Inc



  • Target:

    against caterpillar, against aphids, against thrips, against flies, against whiteflies, against cochineals, against miner

  • Crop type:

    for decorative flowers, for greenhouse cultivation, for vegetables, for turf


Biological Insecticide
Azatin® O is a newly-formulated biological insect growth regulator (IGR) used to control the larval stage of a broad-spectrum of greenhouse and nursery pests. Azatin O is OMRI listed (Organic Materials Resource Institute), is soft on beneficials, and carries a 4-hour REI. Azatin O contains 175 grams of the active ingredient azadirachtin per gallon. Azatin O may be used for insect control on all crops such as ornamentals, vegetables, herbs, and berries, grown in the greenhouse, nursery, interiorscape, and in hydroponic growing situations.

Azatin O may be used for control of insects on turfgrass. Insects do not survive the molting process to become reproductive adults. Death results in 3-10 days after application but insects will stop feeding long before they die. Azatin O is often tank-mixed with Decathlon for control of larval and adult insect stages.