grain dryer / fixed / mobile
3810QF Opico Limited

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grain dryer / fixed / mobile grain dryer / fixed / mobile - 3810QF
  • Grain dryer / fixed / mobile


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    fixed, mobile


38 ton approximate holding capacity
16 ton per hour throughput
Quiet Fan (74Db)
Drive: PTO / Electric
Proportional plenum chamber mean higher throughput.

The 3810QF uses the base frame and drive system from the 2910 launched in 2009 but incorporates fixed screens and a bolt on Plenum extension which are built on farm. Whilst this effectively makes the Dryer fixed it allows a significant increase in the size of the Drying Zone which means the Drying capacity increases in proportion with its holding capacity unlike large winch up machines.

The fan, burner and auger capacities have all been increased in line with the holding capacity to achieve the highest throughput possible whilst still retaining all the other features common to the Magna range. When set up in conjunction with a Wet Holding facility the automated versions are amongst the most efficient and highest throughput batch dryers on the market.

Duax Heat Core – clean, efficient drying. Low Level Burner – easy access for servicing and setting. Bolt on Plenum top – large drying zone. 45cm, 160tph main Auger – fast recirculation and unloading for quicker drying. Fixed stainless steel screens – longevity.