gasoline rototiller / diesel engine
SB28 Pasquali



  • Motor type:

    gasoline engine, diesel engine


The Pasquali SB28 PowerSafe two-wheel tractor has a gearbox with 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds and a quick reverser to change the forwarding direction.

The handlebar is adjustable and reversible, and enables the machine to be used with both rear and front attachments.

You may choose from three types of gasoline engine: Honda GP160, 4,8 hp, Honda GX200, 5,5 hp and Honda GX270, 8,4 hp and a diesel engine: Kohler KD350, 7,5 hp.

A great variety of attachments is supplied with the SB28 PowerSafe two-wheel tractor which, beside tilling soil, can be also used with extreme versatility for several maintenance and cultivation works.