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Rain Bird’s pump station manufacturing facility located in Tucson, Arizona delivers complete vertical turbine pumping solutions with on-site design, fabrication, and performance testing.
3D solid modeling system ensures precise pump station design and reliable field installations.
Color, LCD, touch-screen interface standard feature on all vertical turbine pump stations provides a user friendly menu system enabling pressure and flow setting adjustments, displaying pump station performance, and alarm conditions.
- Pump station base, pipe, and fittings receive a 5-7 mm thick single layer polyester based powder coating process on all surfaces providing superior UV degradation protection and enhanced abrasion resistance.
- Cast iron pump bowls with enamel or epoxy lined waterways reduce friction losses, enhance wear protection, and maximize efficiency.
- Cast bronze enclosed type impellers machined, balanced, and trimmed for optimum performance.
- Cast iron pressure relief valves operating 7-10 psiG above operating pressure providing quick opening and slow closing response minimizing surge installed on the discharge manifold.
Carbon steel pump base with 1/2” deck plate, 4” and/or 6” channel construction providing rigidity to withstand operational stresses and insuring the pump shafts remain true in their vertical hanging orientation.
- Complete instrumentation and control system automatically starting, stopping, and modulating pump speed(s) to maintain constant discharge pressure with variable flow rates providing efficient and reliable performance.

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