fixed-wing agricultural drone / with propeller / mapping
AGEAGLE RX60 Raven Industries



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    with propeller

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AgEagle’s simple-to-use UAS technology captures aerial maps of crop health in a field, identifying areas of stress before they can be seen by the naked eye. By providing real-time, easy-to-acquire data to growers, agronomists and other service providers, AgEagle helps pinpoint areas where nutrients or chemicals need to be applied, increasing profitability. The images are easy to import and utilize with many agricultural software platforms, making it simple for growers and service providers to put the data to use quickly and efficiently.
The AgEagle RX60 is simple to operate. It launches, flies and lands by itself - you don’t have to be tech savvy to benefit from this UAV.
Aerial maps are automatically created and georeferenced. This means the user doesn’t have to process the images, which are easy to import into farming software to help develop prescription maps.
Flexible operation allows you to fly and capture images with or without cellular connectivity.
Images captured are compatible with a variety of FMIS systems.
Industrial cellular components offer the best possible connectivity and reliability.
Two GPS receivers offer more satellite options and a better flight experience.

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