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D2000 Series Rivulis Irrigation S.A.S.



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The D2000 Drip Line delivers the right combination of features to produce both reliable and efficient performance in a mid and heavy wall thickness drip line. The innovative flat dripper design minimizes resistance to the water flow in the main channel, allowing growers to utilize longer lateral runs than similar round dripper drip lines. The design of the dripper incorporates features such as large filtration area, large dripper channel, and sharp teeth to create a turbulent flow which resists clogging.

The D2000 Drip Line is available in several models, allowing growers to choose the product that meets the precise needs of their row crops, fruit orchards, vineyards or greenhouses. Each of the D2000 Drip Line models consists of a different configuration of diameter, wall thickness, flow rate and dripper spacing. Choose the D2000 Drip Line that is right for you.

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