trailed precision seed drill / no-till / with disc harrow
522 series Salford Group Inc.



  • Other characteristic:

    trailed, no-till, with disc harrow


Salford Precision Disc Drills start with the Salford 500 series double disc opener to reliably place seed and fertilizer at the correct depth. The standard double disc opener is designed to provide between 90 and 500 pounds down force per row. Drills are available with 7.5" or 10" spacing.

The heavy-duty tubular frame design gives Salford's air drills enough strength and weight to maintain the opener's depth control, even when openers are spaced at 7.5" and set for 500 pounds down pressure.

Led by paired caster wheels, with walking tandems on the main frame, 522 air drills spread the weight of the heavy-duty frame evenly for improved flotation and in-field stability. The front casters allow for short turns in the field and feature a rotation brake for road transport.

Two sets of twin toolbars allow for multiple seeding, fertilizer, and no-till configurations. The twin toolbars are spaced 11 inches apart to allow for maximum residue flow, minimizing plugging, even in damp conditions. Additional row units can be added for inter-row fertilizing options. Salford Coil-Tech coulters can be added to the front toolbars for unparalleled no-till performance. The Coil-Tech not only resizes residue but also fluffs soil for seeding and a degree of seedbed preparation in one pass. Mounting the row-cleaning coulters separate from the row units allows the double disc opener to maintain more accurate depth control. (Additional row units and Coil-Tech Coulters are optional equipment.)