mounted mulcher / hammer / PTO-driven / hydraulic
Evolution Green Serrat Broyeurs



  • Mounting:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristic:

    PTO-driven, hydraulic, for tractors

  • Cutting width:

    Max.: 2,800 mm

    Min.: 1,400 mm

  • Tractor power:

    Max.: 120 ch (120 hp)

    Min.: 60 ch (60 hp)


The new mulcher EVOLUTION GREEN, in a single passage, and at a normal speed, is capable of cutting and pouring the grass at the feet of fruit trees or vineyards, and that without any additional cost in time of work.
Thanks to our experience we acquainted with uncountable advantages to be worked with this mulcher but the most important are: an economy at the level of weed-killers, both in the product and in its application and the economy of water, which is considerable because the evaporation is lesser. With this type of mulcher, Serrat wants to contribute to the promotion of the protection of our environment which has, for all, an incalculable ecological value.

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