tractor-mounted precision seed drill / double-disc / with fertilizer applicator / no-till
Sigma Hws SFOGGIA Agriculture Division S.r.l.



  • Other characteristic:

    tractor-mounted, double-disc, with fertilizer applicator, no-till


Sigma HWS is the pneumatic planter suitable for no-till planting in presence of high
presence of residues and for minimum tillage.
Its strength and its construction quality, its simplicity and wide use permit a very
high planting reliability up to working speed of 10-12 km/h. The double discs system
on gauge wheels ensures a constant working depth even in extremely difficult
The planting unit consists of: front double toothed discs that clean the planting bed;
- “Turbo” opener disc, whose name comes from the particular and special angles of
the waves, which permits soil penetration in any condition; - 02 “V”-shaped opener
discs with central shoe of strong material and side gauge wheels, forming the seeds
bed; - small seeds pressing wheels; double small steel discs, for cutting the soil
surface and bringing soil to the back compression wheels and covering the wheels; -
then back compression wheels “V”-shaped of rubber or of steel.
Sigma HWS applications: corn, soya-bean, sunflower, sorghum and many other
different seeds.