portable backpack sprayer / small farm
458 Solo Kleinmotoren GmbH



  • Mobility:


  • Application:

    small farm

  • Capacity:

    9 l (2.4 gal)


The new SOLO 458 stands out as a highly professional tool with its 7 mm thick tank walls. A 340 cm3 pump generates a working pressure of 3 bar in the 9 l tank after astonishingly few strokes. The sprayer is extremely robust, easy to use and cleaning is as straightforward as can be. The SOLO 456 is best-in-class appliance and the large filling and cleaning aperture only adds to its appeal. The current spray medium level can be checked easily and directly on the tank. This model possesses some remarkable quality features such as a practically unbreakable spray wand over 50 cm long, robust handles with an optional pressure gauge and a selection of spray nozzles. What's more, these are all included in the standard delivery. UV-resistant plastics promise robustness and a long service life for this sprayer. The thick wall makes the tank almost indestructible.