chick pan feeder / plastic / multi-access
DURA-GRO Southwest Agri-Plastics Inc



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    for chicks

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SOUTHWEST AGRI-PLASTICS is proud to introduce our newest addition to our poultry product-line the DURA-GRO Plastic Chick Feeder . This is the best chick feeder for transitioning the chicks to an automated pan. The design allows for larger space between pans and provides for 20% larger perimeter than the circular models. Each feeder will accommodate up to 100 birds. Recommended for chicks from day 1 though day 12 when birds reach the size that allows feeding from the automated pans. Dura-Gro chick feeder reduces feed waste and contamination because the design prevents the chicks from entering the feeder. Test results for hopper style feeders show up to 14% higher final live weight. We manufacture the feeder from a virgin high-density polyethylene plastic, providing superior impact and wear resistance. Coming soon will be our storage system that will make the Dura-Gro chick feeder the easiest to store and maintain versus other chick feeders on the market.