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diesel fuel tank / polyethylene / UV-resistant / double-walled
Swimer Tank Eco-Line 2500 ELDPS SWIMER



  • Fluid:

    diesel fuel

  • Material:


  • Other characteristic:

    UV-resistant, double-walled, with dispensing pump, industrial

  • Capacity:

    2,500 l (660 gal)


Swimer Tank Eco-Line 2500 ELDPS

destination: fuels
capacity: 2500l
dimensions: Height: 1990mm, Diemeter: 1708mm
weight: 180kg

-vane pump 230V (56l/min)
-automatic nozzle
-Fuel Filter 70 l/min -10 mic
-440mm inspection hatch
-clock gauge
-6m standard hose
-digital flow meter
-2'' filling point
-leakage alarm
-overfill alarm

Warranty: 10 years for tank, 2 years for equipment

*presented equipment is just a proposal, we offer many other options on
individual customer's demand

Additional available equipment :

-Vane pump 230 V (72 l/min)
-Vane pump 230 V (100 l/min)
-Stainless steel submersible pump 230 V (70 l/min)
-Stainless steel submersible pump 230 V (10 l/min)

-Reinforced hose
-Automatic hose reel
-Dispenser cabinet lighting
-Fuel Filter 100 l/min -10 mic
-Glass fuel filter 100 l/min -5 mic
-Water separator 70 l/min -30 mic
-Water separator 100 l/min -30 mic
-Glass water separator 100 l/min -30 mic
-Nozzle holder with on/off switch to operate the pump

-PPC-600 Counter- SWIMER brand
-PPC-600 Counter with FMT pulse flowmeter
-LIPREMOS®- Liquid Precision Monitoring System- SWIMER brand
-Electronic level sensor with bund alarm
-Liquid management system