mounted row crop cultivator / with camera / with guiding system
Thomas Hatzenbichler Agro-Technik GmbH


  • Mobility:


  • Other characteristic:

    with camera, with guiding system

  • Working width:

    Min.: 6 (19'08")

    Max.: 12 (39'04")

  • Row spacing:

    Min.: 10 cm (3.94 in)

    Max.: 35 cm (13.78 in)


The working target of the camera steering assistant is to do mechanical work more accurate, efficient and convenient.

The Hatzenbichler camera steering assistant is only available and retrofittable with Hatzenbichler interrow cultivators.

The camera with the two optical lenses is mounted over the plant rows.

There are three different types of sliding frame:
Model “Light”, Model “Standard” and Model “Heavy XL”.

With the dual cylinder are the same shunting speed on the left and on the right side.

Shunting wide each models are on the left and right side total 500mm.

On the models “Standard” and “Heavy XL” are 2 pieces stabilizer wheels mounted.

Camera system with color display and two optical lenses offer an optimal rows detection.

- The interrow cultivator becomes steering automatically
- Higher working speed in this way higher area perfomance
- Supports the driver
- The interrow cultivator can be moved closer to the
plant rows, in this way you will have a clean and
exact work result