mounted shredder / flail / PTO-driven



  • Mounting:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristic:


  • Cutting width:

    1470, 1720, 1280

  • Tractor power:

    40, 30, 35


Our LUPO shredder is the ideal machine to cut grass and little diameter pruning; it has been studied for compact tractors.
It is a multipurpose and professional machine thanks to a series of special devices.
The first distinctive element of this shredder is the particular shape of the frame which allows to use it with the self cleaning roller or with the roller with scrapper.
When using the machine with the self cleaning roller it is able to cut very high grass without any kind of slowdown.
When using the machine with roller with scrapper it is able to work during wet winters to hash pruning avoiding that mud fixes onto the roller and limits the work.
LUPO originates with the predisposition for tractors with reversible drive. This allows, with a minimum expense, to go on using the same machine even if the user decides to change the tractor.
The rotor equipped with helical tools assures high cutting speed with little request of work power.
The standard equipment provides the gear box with free wheel, the self cleaning rear roller adjustable in high and the side skids adjustable in high and interchangeable.
The shredder LUPO model is available with mechanical displacement or with hydraulic one.