rear-mount shredder / flail / PTO-driven / with pick-up rotor



  • Mounting:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristic:

    PTO-driven, with pick-up rotor

  • Cutting width:

    1600, 1200, 1400

  • Tractor power:

    9, 15, 22


The new pick-up Shredder Extreme is the best machine for the maintenance of lawns, gardens, parks and sport grounds. The shredder has an extraordinary patented system to chop, collect and discharge the product.
The rotor equipped with the spatulas properly works to guarantee a perfect chopping of the lawn, which is up to 10cm high. If the rotor is equipped with the new steel hammers, the performance of the machine is suitable for the pruning of small products and satisfies the Customer’s requirements.
The new system “dynamic air control” is installed in the hood of the machine and it is adjustable conforming to the product and its humidity.
The above described design is new and guarantees a high safety performance, because the rotor of the machine does not cause any ejection of parts outside the skid.
This new design assures the users to avoid any interruptions of the performance even if the lawn is very wet.
- Transmission unit with P.T.O. 540 rpm
- Gear box with free wheel
- The support roller with the scraper has adjustable height
- Couple of articulated wheels
- Spatulas suitable for the grass cutting
- Hydraulic control for the opening of the grass discharge case
- UNIVERSAL three point connection
- “EC” safety protections
- Use and Maintenance Leaflet and spare part list
- Certificate of “EC” Declaration of Conformity
- “Patented” control device of flow control
- Mobile partial skid
- Predisposed for transmission 1000 rpm
- Predisposed for manual opening of the case