pneumatic seed drill / folding / trailed / no-till
QUASAR SERIES Tonutti / Wolagri



  • Seed distribution:


  • Other characteristic:

    folding, trailed, no-till

  • Working width:

    450 cm, 300 cm, 600 cm (177.17 in)


Sub-surface seeding is the latest seeding technique and assures numerous advantages:
- Higher hourly profit
- Higher yield and yield stability
- The best management of soil surface crop residues
- Improved soil fertility
Over the last few years fuel and fertilizer costs have eroded profit margins and made it necessary for farmers to reduce their production cost.
In addition, the current method of cultivating land using increasingly weighty equipment and more chemicals has as its downside a steady decrease in the soil fertility.
In order to achieve better profit margins, the following objectives must be attained:

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